Friday, August 21, 2009

Time Ticks On

So it has been some time since I have even wrote or logged into this blog. Since my last post I have been threw ups and downs. Traveling a long road. Apunkalypse went down as it was an epic fail. Since then I have began Genocide Wars. It seems that it is more promising then my first endeavor! Life is looking right in all directions!

I guess I don't want to look on my negative sides of owning more then one website that went down the drain, and just trying stay positive that I have never given up yet. It is not as simple as some people think. Getting positive feedback is not always the easiest thing to attain. Just to get in the market itself is a task, and for it to be only one person running an entire game. All responsibilities fall upon me. I am thankful for the amount of pressure I have put on myself and being able to contain myself. It shows great things on my own behalf. A personal Achievement.

In effort to get back into the swing of things I shall be posting more frequently now. Just to keep myself in good spirit and for more hits!