Thursday, February 17, 2011

Self Investing

I have made a little bit of pocket change. Lets say around $15.00. I made this money free of charge, I spent nothing but my time to make it online. I got the money from various places like !Yahoo Contributor Network/Associated Content and Paid the Fastest. I have access to a Mafia Game Script that will allow me to run a mafia type game on the internet. Using only a browser to play. The sad part is to run it I need to pay for hosting.

So I am looking for a supporter. You pay for the hosting costs with is around 75 a year. As the supporter you get a banner on the front page of your business or logo or whatever you like.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Slacking Off

Sadly I have been slacking off on my work. I have picked up playing World of Warcraft again. Maybe I can manage to create some material from playing the game? Or maybe not, who knows. I haven't produced anything in a few days. A small slump. Page views are still doing pretty decent; dropped a little bit over the weekend.

Valentines day just passed. My girlfriend and I didn't get to do much. We have each other and that is what really matters. I started using the T.V. from her place as a monitor for my desktop that I got running again last week. This makes for a big viewing area.

Just a small update. Stay tuned

Friday, February 11, 2011

February Update : Day 10

A week has went by so I thought it was time to give an update. This is a big update for me. A couple of things happened over the past week.

I fixed my gaming computer. Turns out all it needed was a new power supply. I found one pretty cheap on the Internet. $17.99. It might be cheap but it is 550 watts and it runs my PC just fine. No more loaner PC for me. The one I had was just so old but I am glad I had it for the moment, as it allowed me to purchase the power supply.

I currently have 361 page views for the 9 days it has counted. That is almost 40 page views a day on average. I need around 54 page views a day on average to attain my goal. However something happened today. I had submitted 3 articles for up-front payments. I received an email today letting me know one of them was declined for up-front. My morale was shot but I went on to publish it as a Display Only. Later on I received another email saying that an offer has been made. They are willing to pay me $3.53 for one of the articles, then another one about an hour later for $3.00. This made me very happy and raised my morale through the roof.

I had a very good weekend. I'm back to being able to play games and have a fast computer to do my work on. Faster computer makes researching things easier. Especially when you need to read from one page and type on another. Windows 7 helps me do that. That is for sure. I had Windows XP on the loaner PC and it had Microsoft Word on it. I wrote all of my stuff using that so now I am used to it. I will be getting it for Windows 7 because I don't like the Word that it comes with much. Not enough features and no spell check.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

February Update: Day 3

With three days under my belt into February, I have notched in 80 page views. Running behind schedule a bit, but I put in 3 articles on the 4th. I did one on the Top 5 Signs to Get a New Computer, in the morning time. For lunch I did a movie review on the action movie The Mechanic. Right before I ate my dinner I finished up a 2 page article about the 10 Reasons to Dislike a Cell Phone.

I still have 3 pending articles that I submitted for up-front pay. I have not received any notifications about it yet ether. Nine days have passed since submitting them. !YCN/AC says that the process normally takes about 1-2 weeks. So I sit and wait.

Not to get discouraged though. I have 24 more days this month. However if I maintain a strong work ethic and a positive attitude, everything should be ok. As the day ticks over into the 5th day of February, I await until the morning time again, to see how many page views I obtained on the 4th.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Getting Life Back Into An Old PC

So I have been wanting to game for some time now, and I have been able to play some games. The loner computer I have right now is an old dinosaur of a PC, as you can tell from the specs below.
Most applications and games now require at least 1GB of RAM to run. Along with a crappy integrated video controller from Intel. This things runs about as slow as can be. My gaming rig was a pretty decent build.

Equipped with:
  • Phenom X4 9100e Processor
  • 750 GB Hard Drive SATA
  • 4 GB of DDR2 SDRAM 240-pin PC2 6400/800MHz
  • 2 GB Overclocked EVGA GeForce GTS 250 PCI-E Graphics Card.
  • MSI K9N2 SLI Platinum nForce 750a Socket AM2+ Mother Board
The bad part is, it will not boot up. I replaced the mother board, but it didn't do much good, still no boot. Changed out power supply and still no boot. That really only leaves the RAM, mother board, processor, and power switch. Since you should be able to boot/post with no RAM being seated, but get an error post. That rules out the RAM. That leaves the processor/w heat sink and fan, and the power switch. I tried to short the power switch on the mother board but it still did not create a boot. That leaves me to believe that it is the processor.

So I will start off by trying to replace the processor since I have no way to test it on another working pc that will match the socket.
Update: Feb, 11 2011
Found out it was only a power supply issue all along. Replaced with a 550 watt PSU and now I am back on my gaming pc. This makes me a happy customer. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Online Mafia Game Script

I once ran across a script called Ravan Scripts: Online Mafia Game Script, that would allow me to run my own mafia game.Similar to the game like Mafia Wars on Facebook and Myspace.It requires very little effort on the admins part to set up. It will basically run by itself, allowing you to make money in the process as long as someone is willing to pay for in game services. The purchaser can request to get it set up automatically on your server.

It has many options for the members of the game:
 Inventory Training Jobs  Events
 Education School Crimes Shops
 Gang Wars NPC Bot Challenges Jail System Paypal Donation
 Forums Gangs Referal Gift  Travel Agency
 Paypal Purchase Item Special Item Market  Banking System Area Shift
 User Item Market Custom Travelling Lucky Boxes Slot Machine
 Real Estate Casinos Hospital  Stats Bar
 Custom User Name Donator Status  Name & Sex Change Avatars
 Announcement Buy Armors & Weapons  Gang Cpanel User Notes
 Friends & Enemy List
 Assistant Panel Roulette Battle Arena
 On Site Reporting Hall Of Fame Advanced Search Gymnasium
 User Mail Assassination   Streets Burn House
 News Paper Crystal Market  Battle Ladder Votes & Polls  

The admin panel is pretty powerful. Including options like:

 Manage Users & Types Manage News Letter Manage Mass Mailer  Manage Shops
 Manage Donator Packs Manage NPC Bots  Manage Items Manage Polls
 Manage Item Types Manage Users Manage Site Settings Manage Forums
 Manage Mass Credit Manage User Payment Manage Special Items  Manage Staff
 Manage Staff Logs Manage Cron Jobs  Manage Force User Logout Manage Cities
 Manage Item Types Manage Users Manage Education Manage Jobs
 Manage Battle Arena Manage IP Search Manage Dupicate Ip Alert  Manage Jails
 Manage Cash Logs Manage User Logs  Manage User Attack Logs Manage Polls
 Manage News Paper Manage User Report Manage Announcement Manage Gangs
 Manage Spam Alert Manage Casinos Manage Roulets  Manage Staff
 Manage Real Estate Manage Donator Packs Manage Payment System Manage Gym
 Manage Training Manage Captcha Manage Armors & Weapons Manage Jobs

[ Manage Feature includes and or (Create, Add, Edit ,Give, Delete, Adjust, View ,Ban ,Unban, Jail, Unjail etc ]

[ Game site settings ,Paypal email, Registration Capcha, Validation Captcha and many other basic settings]