Saturday, June 18, 2011

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A New Month Turns a New Rank

I found a new tool that allowed me to check all of my Alexa and Google Page Ranks. Upon checking all of my domains, I was really surprised and grateful that I have seen positive results since my last checks. Some of my sites didn't fair as well as I had hoped for. Yet I wont let that get me down. Instead I will be happy that my main domain had risen so rapidly. Hopefully this is a sign, and increased visitors will come this month. (Fingers crossed) - My main domain and my favorite so far.
  • Before: 28,384,237
  • Now: 13,344,920
  • Difference: 15,039,017
Not bad If I don't say so myself.  I went up 15 million ranks. That is with one month down. Lets see how far we can take it. - My mobile news blog.

  • Before: 15,774,793
  • Now: 15,990,412
  • Difference: -245,619
It went down!! Oh No! That is not what I wanted. I guess I will have to work on meta tags. I looked and I did not have any for this domain. This makes me ponder though. How much traffic would I obtain if I have had some niched keywords added to the meta tags. - Gaming Top Site. 

  •  Before: Nothing
  • Now:  16,781,829
  • Difference: Now Ranked

Since there was no data to go on from the previous month and with such a dramatic jump in rankings. This makes me wonder as to get a domain changed. Obtain a gTLD. Instead of having sites in the name. I will be looking for something like Game Top Site .com. Something of those sorts. I am sure that I will have to throw some time into finding the perfect .com domain for this niche. I have seen the ranks of other top sites and they are very good. If I can grow this one, Move the domain, and work on the layout and design. Then get some great traffic. I am sure that this website will take off.

Multple Alexa and Google Page Rank Checker

I found this nifty place where you can check all of your domains Alexa and Google Page Rank at once. Well at least up to 12 different domains at once. This really would have came in handy during my last post. Although it is not hard to manually check all of my domains one at a time, this tool really helped to increase the speed of the process. I do not own 12 domains (yet). I only own 4 of them. Anyways I will show you the results I had gotten for my websites.

You can find this tool over at