Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting the Ball Rolling

I got up around 8 in the morning today. Did my normal routine of checking out all of my things, mail, digg, associated content, and etc...

I put did some research and figured out an article I wanted to write. This one was about the weather and the storm of the century that is on poise to strike the United States hard the next few days. The weather has been a pain this year and with January ending it seems like it wants to go out with a bang for the month.

If you live in Kentucky you should be safe from the storm as I reported here. Most of the storm will pass right above Kentucky.

I hope to pump out 2-3 more stories today as the day progresses. Trying to get my article numbers up is harder then I thought it would be. It would be easy to pump out meaningless articles with no depth about them, but that is not the kind of writer I am.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Top 50 Contributors on Associated Content

You can find the original article here. The top 50 contributors on Associated Content by amount of page views. You can compare the list as of August 28, 2010 by clicking the above link. Credits go to Ryan DeVault for making the original list.

Updated as of Jan. 29, 2011

1. Crystal Ray -- 22,057,462
2. R. Ann Siper -- 21,686,280
3. Saul Relative -- 18,818,776
4. Robert Dougherty -- 16,231,894
5. Kassidy Emmerson -- 14,932,180
6. Ryan DeVault -- 14,814,455
7. Pam Gaulin -- 13,966,931
8. Emma S. -- 12,434,404
9. Steve Thompson -- 10,084,639
10. Sabah Karimi -- 9,054,560
11. Amy Brantley -- 8,459,193
12. Timothy Sexton -- 8,374,285
13. Kristie Leong M.D. -- 8,277,178
14. Wendy Dawn -- 8,161,795
15. Christine Cadena -- 7,893,160
16. Meg G. -- 7,584,829
17. Angel Vee -- 6,859,197
18. Marilisa Kinney Sachteleben -- 6,181,090
19. A. Hermitt -- 6,127,688
20. Jillita Horton -- 5,990,997
21. Ayanna G. -- 5,750,511
22. Will Wright -- 5,652,902
23. Jody Morse -- 5,553,098
24. Karen Barnes -- 5,544,230
25. Victoria Leigh Miller -- 5,387,582
26. Roz Zurko -- 5,378,845
27. Jasmine Starr -- 5,245,856
28. C. Jeanne Heida -- 5,244,686
29. Mark Whittington -- 5,119,087
30. Sylvia Cochran -- 4,933,729
31. Phil Dotree -- 4,770,287
32. Jonathan McLelland -- 4,765,045
33. Lee Andrew Hender -- 4,710,903
34. J. Rica Middlebrooks -- 4,454,562
35. Christine Bude Nyholm -- 4,391,713
36. Ron Hart -- 4,338,972
37. Cassandra James -- 4,180,961
38. Melanie L. Marten -- 4,128,111
39. Linda Ann Nickerson -- 4,046,186
40. Regina Sass -- 3,932,481
41. Jennifer Claerr -- 3,385,818
42. Alicia White -- 3,317,998
43. Charlotte Kuchinsky -- 3,278,508
44. Sophie S. -- 3,225,650
45. Carol Bengle Gilbert -- 3,224,761
46. Michelle Devon -- 3,179,012
47. Jeff Gedgaud -- 3,143,953
48. Donna Daniels -- 3,065,932
49. Jan Corn -- 3,008,816
50. Johnathan Duvy (Penny Richards) -- 2,916,234

Friday, January 28, 2011

LEX18 Jobs Incorrect Search Results

I am former Chef in the U.S Army. Upon looking for Food Service related jobs on the new LEX18 Jobs site. I was appalled at the search results I got back when just searching for "food".

Even when refining the search to "food service", I still got around the same results. I don't see how a few of those jobs even came up as food. I wanted to see if it's searches were based on keywords, phrases or just matches the letters. Turns out it just matches the letters typed and returns any match.

I typed in "sex offender" and got back a result of 9 pages of jobs. I don't think this is a job title nor should it return any results. It's new and needs refining. This is not an attempt to downgrade them nor make LEX 18 News Team look bad. Just something I happened to find.

Income Low with Spirits on the Rise

In about a week I am at around $0.85. Not bad considering it didn't take me long to write the articles. I did the research on them, but that was during my normal scouring the web on the daily.

Still haven't picked up any DIGGs on my work yet. I had an impressive two days with an this article about Random Drug Testing for People on Public Assistance. Getting 309 views in just 2 days. My most impressive work yet.

The only article I have as of right now that beats it is my Where to Donate Christmas Toys in Lexington, Kentucky article. With a total of 1591 views.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Putting in Work

I did three articles today. Kinda of proud of that one. It seems like ideas are flowing better now then before. I knew I was full of information, I just needed a place to put it all!

Things ate home are going well, no complaints. Putting in work here as well cleaning and doing laundry. Taking care of a baby turns out to be some hard work to. Trying to keep a baby happy can get hard at times. They can't express things they want. Makes it hard for a person like me to deal with it, but hey, I do what I can.


With today's society the way it is, people must often tackle many tasks at once. I find myself constantly doing this. Constant multiple tasks in front of me. It gets frustrating at times.

Along with trying to find some solid work, it makes life more stressful. Bills pile up while the income does not. I have found some ways to make money. Though it is no nine to five job. I don't have to put in 40 hours a week though or break my back doing it. I get to do something I enjoy. I do my own training for it and I'm my own boss of sorts.

You have to be good at many things these days to get around in this world. From being able to drive and change the radio at the same time. If not you are prone to causing some serious damage. Think of the pilot who has to read 20+ gauges at the same time, to make adjustments in his flight.

With teenagers playing more video games then ever. Its no wonder that hand eye coordination is better then in previous decades. Computers allow us to do this in the masses. I can have anywhere from 3-5 tabs open in one window, while controlling a media player and some other windows as well.

You have to have some grasp of technology to be able to keep up in today's world.

Graph of Insperation

Upon logging into my account where I write at. I noticed that I had received a large amount of page views to an article I have. This made me happy. The graph showed a big increase in over all views which made me realize a few things

My work must be getting better because more people are reading it. I guess the saying goes "practice makes perfect", but in this case its true. I would normally only have major hits based on seasonal articles and not just up to date articles.

I am getting into the groove of writing now. Trying to get at least one thing out a day. Ether trying for an up-front payment or just going the display only route. I put in 2 for up-front to see if I could even come close to getting it. I have never done it so I have my fingers crossed.