Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ads On Website

I have only one ad on my website. I want it to try to raise income to support the site. When I use Google adsense, no matter how many ads I show I only get money when clicked. Yet when I use Adbrite, I get paid just for showing them. Which one should I choose. Or should I use both of them at the same time and compare? This is really more of a question then anything.

Ads are tricky and new to me still. As I am still new to the whole concept of working a blog and a website/game at the same time. I hope that it all works out for me in the end.

If you have an opinions about this, or could possible help me leave a comment.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Not To Be A Googlemonger....But

Well when making a game I know you have tons of game material that you use. Different formulas and big lists of items. Well I was thinking of getting some type of software to use. Excel or Word, something of that sort. When I remembered that Google had a document service. I looked further into it and and came the the conclusion that it will suit my needs just fine.

With the regular document I can write a storyline and then just copy and paste all from with my browser. I also have made about 5 spreadsheet covering my items and I am even using one as a way track my expenses since it is just me working and not much money is coming in or out at the moment. So for now it will suffice. Thanks again Google for making something I can use!

What Will Happen If We Let Evil Weed Be Legalized?

Wow, this is pretty good stuff here. I never knew so many politicians supported and that the usa stores all the tax stamps and wont let the public have them....that is messed up.

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When Calvin Reaches Puberty

Haha, when I seen this I thought it was too funny to pass up. So I am sticking it on my blog. Laugh it up people!......I bet he really wishes he could do that!

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