Friday, April 22, 2011

Motivation to Improve

When launching 2 websites at the same time. It really helps to motivate you to keep on doing what you are doing. Just seeing 3 members sign up for your website and talking some with them can inspire you to great heights. It makes you feel like you have something worth their time. Which might not mean a lot to some people, but to a web designer it means a lot.

Targeting your audience is a hard thing to do sometimes. Especially if you don't know where to market that niche at. As with my other site. I think I will just keep posting and letting search engines do its own thing. Maybe I will use my Google webmaster tools and help it out some. Seeing if I cant get better indexing in the next week or so.

Indexing into Google is easier with Gangs of War. As a game I already know where to market that site.The key is topsites! I have been doing it on and off for some time now. I am hoping this one kicks off to a better start then the previous two. Though they did not make it. I still have hope that I can make one of them work well for me.

Abandoned PC Games will be a free service site. No charging, though I think after some time I might have to add in advertisements. Depending on how many daily hits it starts to receive over the next month. Hopefully to help with hosting costs. As long as it takes off that is. If it doesn't do well in the first 3 months, I may just have to take it down.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

X10 From Free Hosting to Premium Hosting

I have been using X10 free hosting services for roughly around 3 years. I use it for all kinds of reasons, but mostly for testing purposes. Since it is not a full featured web host, because it is a free service. Certain things may not be possible to do on the free services. For layouts or just seeing if you code works correctly. Seeing how an image looks on the web or any testing purposes that I need, have been fulfilled because of this great free hosting!

14 Games Added to

Abandoned PC Games or APCG is what I have been calling it to myself. Has posted 14 games on their forums. They are also looking for some volunteers to help them write reviews for the games. It is a new forum, so any help would be appreciated. If you can volunteer you time to help post games it would be very welcomed.

As I said before I think a forum is a good way to do this type of site. It is working well so far, so no need to change it right now. If things start better, as in getting more and more hits. I might change the site over to a CMS which is more along the lines of what the site is. This would allow better presentation of the games and reviews.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Better Blog Over the Years

As I look back on my blog I noticed a few things that have changed since I started back in 2009. I noticed how things slowly got better, but never really took off. Which is fine for me. This isn't one of those micro niche blogs where you find great info or anything. This is just an all around blog of my life. Along with some tricks and tips along the way. Who knows, I might start adding tips. On to the things that have changed.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Project - Abandoned PC Games

I will be starting a forum. This forum will be for abandoned DOS and PC games. Basically Abandonware. Which is not technically legal, but not illegal ether. I will be basing my game choices from a trusted site that I get the from now. Which seems to be getting mega amounts of traffic. I want in on that action as well.

Launch of Gangs of War

I launched my new MMORPG/MMO on the 15 this month. I started a contest and the winner will receive $10.00 USD via Paypal. Go check out Gangs of War. Now and join! New users will receive a donation pack 1. Hurry while time lasts. Offer runs out at the end of this month.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lexington Kentucky - Spring Is Finally Here

Spring finally seems like it is here...Finally. With !Yahoo reporting the current weather as 65F. The wind doesn't seem as strong as it has been the past few days. The sun is out and shining, that is a plus sign. Not a ton of clouds at the moment. Spring sure seems like it is off to a late start. Does this mean winter will come later this year or will it come early? With all the things going on to the Earth. Natural and human disasters, along with global warming and overpopulation, no wonder "Mother Earth" doesn't know how to act.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Everyday Public Relations vs Social Networking

Most people are not concerned with PR, their status in life does not require them to have a huge interest in public relations. Then along came social networking, where you put you image and life on the internet. Your friends can check on your status, see photos of your kids, or even remember old college pictures. This can discrediting to some depending on the nature.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Paid The Fastest

I have been using Paid the Fastest for some time now. It is free money just for doing something I am already doing, spending time on the internet. For anyone who is looking for an easy way to make some spare change while cruising the internet, this could work for you. You can even get money from people you refer. So far I have 13 referrals and looking for more, remember the more you make the more I can make.  With level 1 referrals making 20% of what the person they referred makes. That is not bad. They have games and jackpots. Bored and want some money? Give it a try!

Click my referral link below and begin today! 

Old Home Getting A New Paint Job

I think the last time the upstairs of my home was painted was when we first moved into this house, 15 years ago! Finally my landlord is providing us with the paint to do it, although we still have to paint it ourselves. Cheapo! The downstairs has been painted since then, although I do not know the last time it was.

New Addition - Rats

After not having a pet since 2003, my girlfriend and I had decided to get a pet rat.  So last Friday she goes out to PetSmart and gets one. Upon further research I find out that rats are best when in pairs or more. They are social critters and need at least one companion in life. Kind of like us humans, without someone else around we go crazy pretty much. At first I was not too thrilled of the idea of having them. Then I started to learn that rats are pretty easy to teach, from using a liter box or to do tricks.

Lazy and Sneezy

Friday, April 1, 2011

True Blood Season 4 Premiere Date is Sunday June 26, only on HBO

Company To Provide You With Fake Girlfriend On Facebook

Company To Provide You With Fake Girlfriend On Facebook

Apparently not having a girlfriend these days is something most men have a problem with. I remember friends used to make fake profiles with hot girl pictures and say it was their girlfriend. Sadly we knew they didn't really have one and just made fun of them. Now they have a whole company dedicated to making it look like she is real! Are you that lame? Honestly do you have no integrity left in your soul. A fake girlfriend? Seriously? This is just a step below of you ordering a mail order bride from Russia. What makes it so important in the online world that you do have a girlfriend? It is not like you are going to get the same satisfaction from a fake one on Facebook as you would in real life. Also what happens when your friends on Facebook start to add her and try to talk to her? Does she reply back? Does she even know what to tell them? What if they already know he has a fake girlfriend. I am about 50% sure this will be a company.

Funny Baby Falling Asleep While Jumping

I Want A Nap -

A friend of mine has started up a blog about motherhood and the trial and tribulations that go alone with it. A quirky blog with fun pictures, nice recipes, and joys that only parenthood can bring. It is new and I am in the process of helping her to fix the layout of everything, but feel free to give it a look! 

Clout Level 5

I haven't been writing much for !Yahoo/AC this month. Not that I have been slacking off but I have been hooked on NBA 2K11 for a little while now. I checked my page views over the past month to see then plummet to around 4-5 page views a day. Not top of the line by any means. Slowly adding to my total of view. My clout level is now at 97% of the way to being clout level 5. It adds no bonus or more per 1000 views. Just the fact of getting it alone is great for me. A sense of achievement for myself. Don't take it the wrong way, I would love to be at level 10 right now, and pulling in a couple thousand views a day. Yet at my writing level and time spent writing, I am not up to par with those types of articles. I guess they are out of my league for the time being.