Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A New Month Turns a New Rank

I found a new tool that allowed me to check all of my Alexa and Google Page Ranks. Upon checking all of my domains, I was really surprised and grateful that I have seen positive results since my last checks. Some of my sites didn't fair as well as I had hoped for. Yet I wont let that get me down. Instead I will be happy that my main domain had risen so rapidly. Hopefully this is a sign, and increased visitors will come this month. (Fingers crossed) - My main domain and my favorite so far.
  • Before: 28,384,237
  • Now: 13,344,920
  • Difference: 15,039,017
Not bad If I don't say so myself.  I went up 15 million ranks. That is with one month down. Lets see how far we can take it. - My mobile news blog.

  • Before: 15,774,793
  • Now: 15,990,412
  • Difference: -245,619
It went down!! Oh No! That is not what I wanted. I guess I will have to work on meta tags. I looked and I did not have any for this domain. This makes me ponder though. How much traffic would I obtain if I have had some niched keywords added to the meta tags. - Gaming Top Site. 

  •  Before: Nothing
  • Now:  16,781,829
  • Difference: Now Ranked

Since there was no data to go on from the previous month and with such a dramatic jump in rankings. This makes me wonder as to get a domain changed. Obtain a gTLD. Instead of having sites in the name. I will be looking for something like Game Top Site .com. Something of those sorts. I am sure that I will have to throw some time into finding the perfect .com domain for this niche. I have seen the ranks of other top sites and they are very good. If I can grow this one, Move the domain, and work on the layout and design. Then get some great traffic. I am sure that this website will take off.

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