Thursday, December 29, 2011

Americans Take Your Country Back

Americans need to wake up and realize that it will only get better if we make it better. We need to stop letting companies ruin this country. As a veteran of the Iraq War, this deeply disturbs me. I don't want to see my country fall apart. I defended it because I want to raise a family here and I love my country. Yet with the way the economy has been since my return in August of 2007. It has been a constant struggle. The U.S. seems like it has hit rock bottom, much like most of the friends I had before I left. Yet at least they can say their rock bottom was caused by the prescription pill epidemic. The only excuse America has is. Obama. Everyone blames him, yet in reality. It is our own faults.

We bailed out the banks while we were at war. Big companies pay off politicians to pass laws that let them benefit from something negative upon the country, company and persons who work for them. Bankers were bailed out, then gave themselves bonuses. Politicians receive money and make tons of money from the taxpayers, yet they complain and can't seem to come to an agreement on taxes. Which effects the general population more then it would them. Yet they will only pass something that will let them line their pockets with gold. It is a reverse Robin Hood. Take from the poor and give to the rich.

If in fact politicians were truly there to help the American people. They wouldn't have bailed out the banks for not doing their jobs and scamming the markets. It seems like the more crooked and corrupt you are in America, the more you can benefit from it. I try to live a pretty honest life. Yet I am poor. Should I do the wrong thing? It seems like it. Hey if bankers and politicians can do it, why can't I? Oh wait. I forgot. I'm not rich already or I don't hold a position of power to turn the tides in my favor.

Americans have forgot the essence of this country. For the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE. Yet where are you people? Well to be honest, a lot of people showed up for the OWLs movement. We tried! Yet until Americans are directly effected, we will not stand up. Sadly I will say this...I don't want to but I am. We are lazy and do not care about the welfare of our countrymen.

We need to stop worrying about making a profit from something and start worrying about how to save humanity. Someone would rather make a dollar, then to help someone who is starving. To me this is sad. No I can't fix the problem myself, but at least I have the balls to stand up for what I believe is wrong and right.

It is wrong that the government allowed Police to break the laws, yet when citizens break the laws we get thrown in jails. We have the right to do these things, it says it in the Constitution and in the Amendments. Yet when we practice these, they come up with a loophole of how to stop us from doing it.

It is now or never America. Wake up, take our country back. These greedy politicians are not going to go down easy. I don't mean take up arms and rebel against your country. I mean take it down legally using laws already in place. Use the system the way it is designed and reclaim control!

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