Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Apple Beating PC In Sales - Really?

I have been a PC fan for a long time. I even worked for a company that did Apple Care support for Apple. When working on a iMac all day and then coming home to my PC. Which runs Windows 7 64bit. It got kind of annoying. Most of the people who called in didn't even know how to do basic things like. Ejecting the CD from the disk drive, just because there was not a button for it on the framing. The button is on the keyboard if you didn't know.

Apple is rich, I read an article about how they have more money then the USA government. Anyways, I still like to think differently about the sales. Yes Apple makes a ton of money from sales. Yet they offer more products. In addition, how do they base the sales of PC that run Windows? Do they take the sales of the main makers of them. Such as Dell, HP, Gateway. If they do, I think the sales chart is wrong. They are not adding into the equation that you can build your own PC from the ground up. Ordering parts and operating systems from sites such as Tigerdirect.com and Newegg.com. Which wouldn't even show on the OEM sales charts.

I have a lot of friends that are into computers. Hardly any of them own an Apple PC. They might own a iphone or an ipod. Yet when it comes to basic computing and gaming. They choose PC. For instance, not a lot of games are playable on the Mac OS. Heck  a lot of programs are not even made for Mac OS.

With that being said. Is Apple really the industry leader for Personal Computers? In my view of things. NO! I did a Google search for Mac vs Pc facts. I found this blog that broke the numbers down on which Operating System is more popular, statistically. The author says "Statistics show that Microsoft Windows has approximately 91% of the market share, while the Apple Mac OS has around 5% of the market share. The other 4% is owned by other operating systems such as Linux.". With that bit of info, it almost proves my point.

The author of the article went on to say this. (Note that I just copy and pasted, yet am giving full credit to those who deserve it)." Kelly Ford, the marketing and content head for Hunch, conducted an extremely helpful report that talks about “Mac people & PC people”. The report focused on their personalities from 3 perspectives: aesthetic preferences, media choices, and personality traits.
The key findings in the report were as follows:
  • Mac People are more likely to see the existing world in a light of “sameness” and thus express a desire to be perceived as different and unique. This is consistently reflected in their aesthetic choices such as bold colors, “retro” designs, one-of-a-kind clothing and highly stylized art.

  • PC People are more likely to see the world as “different enough already” and appreciate “being in tune with those around them.” This is reflected in their subtler, “mainstream modern” (neither retro nor extremely contemporary) design choices and their practical choices in clothing, footwear, and cars that favor getting the job done rather than making an overt design statement.

  • Media choices and preferences vary greatly between the two groups, with Mac People trending toward more independent films, specialized comedians and design-centric magazines, and PC People trending toward more mainstream alternatives as well as sports.

  • From a personality perspective, Mac People are more likely to describe themselves as “verbal”, “conceptual”, and “risk takers”, with PC People countering that they are “numbers oriented”, “factual” and “steady, hard workers”.".
Seems to me like PC is better for my stance in life. Mac may seem popular, but it is only popular to certain people, who are all pretty much the same in most areas of their lives. So to end this...PC ROCKS! Go Windows and keep making the work different!

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