Friday, January 28, 2011

LEX18 Jobs Incorrect Search Results

I am former Chef in the U.S Army. Upon looking for Food Service related jobs on the new LEX18 Jobs site. I was appalled at the search results I got back when just searching for "food".

Even when refining the search to "food service", I still got around the same results. I don't see how a few of those jobs even came up as food. I wanted to see if it's searches were based on keywords, phrases or just matches the letters. Turns out it just matches the letters typed and returns any match.

I typed in "sex offender" and got back a result of 9 pages of jobs. I don't think this is a job title nor should it return any results. It's new and needs refining. This is not an attempt to downgrade them nor make LEX 18 News Team look bad. Just something I happened to find.

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