Thursday, January 27, 2011


With today's society the way it is, people must often tackle many tasks at once. I find myself constantly doing this. Constant multiple tasks in front of me. It gets frustrating at times.

Along with trying to find some solid work, it makes life more stressful. Bills pile up while the income does not. I have found some ways to make money. Though it is no nine to five job. I don't have to put in 40 hours a week though or break my back doing it. I get to do something I enjoy. I do my own training for it and I'm my own boss of sorts.

You have to be good at many things these days to get around in this world. From being able to drive and change the radio at the same time. If not you are prone to causing some serious damage. Think of the pilot who has to read 20+ gauges at the same time, to make adjustments in his flight.

With teenagers playing more video games then ever. Its no wonder that hand eye coordination is better then in previous decades. Computers allow us to do this in the masses. I can have anywhere from 3-5 tabs open in one window, while controlling a media player and some other windows as well.

You have to have some grasp of technology to be able to keep up in today's world.

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