Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Goals

February I will try to spend at least 5 days a week writing something. I need to set a goal for this month. Something that I can expect myself to fulfill. I don't want to set my goal to high though. I guess just go from what I done last month. Though I don't exactly know what I should set them at. I only wrote for 10 days last month. I will start small this month so I don't feel bad at the start if I don't reach my goal.

Page Views = 1500
I choose 1500 because I obtained almost 700 in 10 days. I think 1500 should be obtainable goal to reach with full 28 days at hand.

Articles = 40
I have 20 now. 40 shouldn't be so hard to get. With 28 days to write, that would amount to 1 a day for 20 days, with 8 days of not writing. 8 days to not write is cake. I might even write on the off days, to see if I can surpass my goal.

Goals are set. Lets see how well I fair.

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