Friday, February 11, 2011

February Update : Day 10

A week has went by so I thought it was time to give an update. This is a big update for me. A couple of things happened over the past week.

I fixed my gaming computer. Turns out all it needed was a new power supply. I found one pretty cheap on the Internet. $17.99. It might be cheap but it is 550 watts and it runs my PC just fine. No more loaner PC for me. The one I had was just so old but I am glad I had it for the moment, as it allowed me to purchase the power supply.

I currently have 361 page views for the 9 days it has counted. That is almost 40 page views a day on average. I need around 54 page views a day on average to attain my goal. However something happened today. I had submitted 3 articles for up-front payments. I received an email today letting me know one of them was declined for up-front. My morale was shot but I went on to publish it as a Display Only. Later on I received another email saying that an offer has been made. They are willing to pay me $3.53 for one of the articles, then another one about an hour later for $3.00. This made me very happy and raised my morale through the roof.

I had a very good weekend. I'm back to being able to play games and have a fast computer to do my work on. Faster computer makes researching things easier. Especially when you need to read from one page and type on another. Windows 7 helps me do that. That is for sure. I had Windows XP on the loaner PC and it had Microsoft Word on it. I wrote all of my stuff using that so now I am used to it. I will be getting it for Windows 7 because I don't like the Word that it comes with much. Not enough features and no spell check.

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