Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mafia This Mafia That

As of lately I have been staying pretty busy. I have managed to make another site. Top Mafia Sites - Mafia MMORGP Topsite. I wanted to get into this industry for a few reasons. First. I own a mafia game. So why not make a site that can help promote it as well as driving traffic to my competitors and maybe earning some cash from them as well. It seemed like a good idea to me. Not many top-sites specialize in mafia games.

It feels like some of my sites related to the mafia genre are working like a mafia themselves. A small ring of sites connected in one way or another. By mafia genre or by game genre. The list is as follows.

  1. Gangs of War - Mafia Game
  2. Top Mafia Sites - Mafia MMORPG Game Topsite
  3. Abanadoned PC Games - Classic DOS Games
If I can get page ranks with any of these sites. It will help the site that is backlinked as well. At least, that is the plan. They are all related sites. They have to deal with a game or something mafia. Of course talking about it all here doesn't hurt. I don't know if this blog has a pagerank or not. I don't really check on it since it is just a free blog from It is not even a top level domain. I guess if it really started pouring in hits for some reason. Then I guess I would start keeping track of it and doing more SEO. Until then I will just post periodically about things in my life.

Until next time!

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