Tuesday, May 3, 2011

LG 900G/GW300 Tips and Tricks

I recently purchased LG's 900g. I got an amazing deal on it at Wal-mart for $29.99. Upon searching around the internet for information on this phone, I found that it was hard to obtain this information. Most sites didn't offer answers to my questions. There was a forum where they listed all the technical information, with users asking questions. Some of them were answered but not some of the important ones.

For starters let me say that this phone is NOT a smartphone even though it has the ability to multitask and LG says it is. The first thing you will want to know about this phone is. Most applications are not signed, therefore every time you application accesses the internet it will warn you that it is an untrusted application and if you want to continue or not. This came as a big burden to me, as most apps are not signed. Making it nearly impossible to use the application.

The default web browser is crappy. It will not load most web pages because of a memory limit. The first thing you should do is go get Opera Mini. It is a better web browser and will load most pages even with the memory limits of the default browser. No you can not change your default browser. This phone is pretty well locked down.

I noticed someone asking how to delete more then one message at a time. This is how you do this. Menu > Messages > Inbox/Outbox/Drafts/Sent Items > Options > Mark/Unmark > Delete . If you want to delete all of them, just select Mark All > Delete.

The LG 900G is capable of MP3 playback, yet you cannot use the MP3 on your MiroSD card as a ringtone. The file size will say it is to large. The work around for this is simple. Go to Myxer, sign up for a free account and find the ringtone you want for free. It will send it to your phone and you can then set it as the ringtone.

If you have a MicroSD slot on your pc there is no need to buy a cord to connect it to your pc to transfer files. Even if you do not, you should have a usb slot and can buy an MicroSD to SD adapter along with a SD to USB adapter for cheaper then you can find a cord for.

That is all for now. I just got the phone so if I find any more helpful insight I will surely write another article about it!

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