Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ways to Make Money from Being Online

The best method I can think of is making some sort of digit product to sell. This can be many things such as

1. Multiplayer Online Game. Players can buy in game items, upgrades, or special perks. There are many genres at which to choose from. It seems the biggest thing in the market today is Mafia, Army, Ninjas, and Zombies. If you enjoy playing the game you will get enjoyment out of it yourself. Along with being able to be online for you users of the game for support. The best way to get new members for free is to make listing on topsites and MMORPG sites. The more the better. Have your users vote on it to make it more popular and bring in even more people. Also have a referral system set in place so that your users can invite their friends, earning something for the referral is a plus to get them to do it. Ad some adsense and let it go. The best adsense method I can think of it PPM. You will not get as many CPC adsense revenue with a game like this.

2.  eBooks. Anyone can write them, even you. If you have an eBook that you can sell, you would be surprised at the money people will spend or to be honest about it. Think micro. How many people will spend $5.00 for a digital eBook that is there as soon as they pay. Compared to a $50.00 Book bought in a store, better yet another eBook in the same topic, just selling it for cheap. If you can make 25 micro sales at $5.00, compared to the one sale of $50.00. You would actually be making more money with the micro sales.

3. Web design company . Even if you do not know how to make websites. No problem. There is a simple solution to this. All that is needed for this is some start up capital and a little time and effort on your part. I have read a recent eBook that told of this little venture.
  1. Get simple website that looks professional enough to pass for a good web designing company. Create contact information. All the good stuff that a web designing company would need to have on a website. 
  2. Once you receive your first offer. Charge around $500.00. 
  3. Find a freelance programmer for hire. Offer them $125.00-$200.00 to make the website for you. Remember that there is always someone out there willing to work for as little on the dollar as they can. Some people do not even work for a dollar and hour if they chose not to. Although you want to be careful as to whom you choose. Make sure they person has a reputable status within the community at which you  had found them.
  4. Receive the website from the freelancer
  5. When happy - Make payment
  6. Deliver the website to the customer.
  7. Collect payment.
Cost was in the range of $125-$200 = -X     -X + $500 = $300-$375. That would mean you would make around 300 to 375 Dollars for basically nothing. If you can get a client base and build up to where you do a just a handful of these jobs a month, you can be making some serious money.

PTC services. Paid To Click is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money from home. Find a site that will pay you to view advertisements, or click on things, even complete registrations and surveys. A great site that I use and have been using for some time now is.

Now see what I just did there. I advertised my referral link. If you sign up using my referral I will earn: 20% of what my referrals earn. Each new member that I refer will also earn me 4 points when they complete their first offer over 50¢! Please keep in mind when referring members that they only have offers for US, UK, and CA members. Any members that are referred outside of these countries have no earning abilities, therefore they will earn me no commission. Not a bad deal if I don't say so myself. You can do the same thing I just did. Refer someone to use a site or product. You earn affiliate money from them. As well as being able to make some extra change along the way by completing offers yourself. There are many PTC sites out there, so you should be able to find one that suits you.

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