Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Muse Myself - A Ramble

No, I am not talking about amusing myself. I am talking about a muse. The thought of being able to have a lot of ideas, yet not being able to use any for yourself. Everyone has this feature in some sort. Normally people are only good at a few main talents. Yet I always found out I could do just about anything I wanted. I always had ideas to save the world, or an idea for an easy way to fix a situation. It didn't really benefit me when coming up with these nifty ideas. It simple made life better for everyone who it was involved with.

As I said of finding myself talented. I can do anything it seems, Except excel in one said category. I have always been pretty gifted with technology. Yet I can't seem to bust onto the scene doing what I want. I can make a small presence. Yet not make a home run.

Yet not to frown. Keep trying. Keep pushing and try harder to make it all better. That is what it is all about. I keep pushing myself, I have learned many new things over the weeks. Improving in many areas. Is that what life is about when you feel like no matter the task you can complete it?

Once you complete it, it brings joy to you. You have achieved a goal. Now will the same action bring the same joy each time. Or does it lose the value behind working hard to obtain the reward it gives. Life brings upon us funny tricks like this. Some goals can be repeated and it is the same, other fail. Which brings on us a new thirst for a new goal.

A rotating cycle of feeding for knowledge. No wonder the smartest people of the world was sought out to be so crazy. They led a life with a constant thirst. Much like a vampire

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