Sunday, May 29, 2011

Progress At Last

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Not the best. I am content though for the moment. Gangs of War has been having the most visitors so far. It is also one of the newer ones of my domains. I am happy that it made it into Alexa though. I had been looking around on various domain worth websites. Trying to gain an insight as to what GoW has as far as SEO. Then it appeared after only around 11 days. Not bad. I have another site that is just a little bit older and for some reason it is in Alexa already.

Gow doesn't seem to have many backlinks according to the domain worth websites. I can't figure out why. I can sometimes find them with them, other times they all show up as none. I know I have some out there. I have went and did some backlink building. Nothing major, but at least around 10 sites or so .

I know I use GoW in my signatures around forums. That helps to gain backlinks. The more I chat in the forum, the stronger that backlink gets. I hope. Seems like right now I am chasing a dream with GoW. I am trying really hard to make it work. So far I keep seeing results so there is no need for me to give up yet.

Today I worked on APCG. I added roughly around 9 new games. I still need to meet my quota I set for myself of having 50 games by the end of the month. To be honest I can do it in the two days I have left. I have a cookout tomorrow to go to, but when I get back from it I could pull off at least 15 new games in an hour and a half or less. Do the same thing again tomorrow and I will surpass my monthly goal. I have not been putting as much effort into APCG as much as I should. This is why.

I added statcounter to APCG so that I can get some demographics of my site. Upon doing that I did get some good info. I noticed that I was already on the front page of Google with this site, for various keywords as well. This came as a shock to me. As there are more reputable sites out there with a .com domain. APCG is #3... I repeat...#3 for the keyword of "abandoned games".

So 2 thumbs up to APCG! Now I just have to finish what I started with this site. If it makes any revenue, I will turn it into a .com. With a better name of course. As well as add some new features. Lets not get ahead of ourselves though. I did the same search using Google Chrome and couldn't even find APCG. Funny huh?

Here is what statcounter is telling me though. I seem to be getting a lot of good spots on these keywords.
So like I said. I am just going to keep posting abandoned games. It is going to work or it is not. I hope it does though.

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