Saturday, May 7, 2011

Update May 7

April and May have been a good month for ole Tim Freeman. I ended up getting a job so it has taken out time on my writing. Not a bad thing, I see it as a good thing. I am making solid money now instead of relying on small pocket change income from my endeavors around the internet. Already got a raise and working on another one because I am in the process of being promoted.

Not bad huh?

Along with getting the job the good news just continues to pour in for me. My game Gangs of War has taken off some. Adding new features and gaining new players. Also where I have been messing with it so much my PHP and HTML skills have improved. The code is coming easier in my head then normal. Guess it is where I have my game face on this time. Abandoned PC Games is slowly getting better. I still need to work on getting more content.

Everything else is just falling into place now. Time is all that I need now and I have plenty of it. I can fill my head with more ideas then I can implement. I need to hire me a coder or something to add the big updates to the game, but I must wait until the game is actually making an income, pay for itself, and also me throwing in some money out of pocket. This will allow for new and much better features then I can program myself.

I currently have Monday and Tuesdays off, so I take that time to do the updates on my sites. This Monday and Tuesday I will be solely working on Gangs of War. I might take the time and add a couple games to Abandoned PC Games if I get bored of working on my game. It keeps me from getting zoned out in code and lets my eyes get a rest from reading it all. Posting on APCG is easier then working with code on GoW.

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