Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Better Blog Over the Years

As I look back on my blog I noticed a few things that have changed since I started back in 2009. I noticed how things slowly got better, but never really took off. Which is fine for me. This isn't one of those micro niche blogs where you find great info or anything. This is just an all around blog of my life. Along with some tricks and tips along the way. Who knows, I might start adding tips. On to the things that have changed.

Quality : The quality of my content has been better. I have been putting more stuff out this year then I did in 2009, while only pumping out 21 articles that year. 2010 I was AWOL. I was nowhere to be found writing that year. I had a bad year. Tons of things happened to me that left me with no word for paper. 2011 Has already been a hit, pumping out 27 articles already, with tons of time to go. I have also pumped out 18 articles for Assoctiated Content/!YCN. Those are my more strict articles. They require more because I actually get paid for them.

Labels : When you first start a blog you have no labels at all, unless you pre-load some or add a bunch in. Over time you start to add in more and more, soon you have a whole bunch that you use a lot of the times because you talk about that topic often. Although this happens in the reversal because there are topics that you do not work with often.

Layout : After working with the blogger controls for a few years you get more talented with what you can do with it. Knowledge of HTML/CSS doesn't hurt ether. I started off with the bad theme. Now it all matches and looks pretty clean.

Last but not least - Actually one of my biggest improvements is : Widgets. They have helped the site pull together by making it being able to be sociable, have stats, connect my twitter account, and much more.

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