Thursday, April 21, 2011

X10 From Free Hosting to Premium Hosting

I have been using X10 free hosting services for roughly around 3 years. I use it for all kinds of reasons, but mostly for testing purposes. Since it is not a full featured web host, because it is a free service. Certain things may not be possible to do on the free services. For layouts or just seeing if you code works correctly. Seeing how an image looks on the web or any testing purposes that I need, have been fulfilled because of this great free hosting!

I recently needed to run one minute crons for a project I was launching, yet the free service didn't allow for one minute crons. I searched the web in search for a host that will let me do a cron this fast. I couldn't find one anywhere that would fit in my budget and still had one minute crons. I got bored and looked around X10's forum and found out they offer one minute crons to my surprise. So I caved in and bought the premium hosting. I'm a broke guy with some Paypal money laying around in my account. So paying anything higher then one month was out of the question although I was not will to spend over $8.00 for that one month also.

They offered a month to month plan, which is great for people with not so much money on start up. I ended up paying $6.95 for a month. Which left me 1 dollar left in my budget! I could have gotten a Dedicated IP Address with the extra dollar. Who knows, maybe next month? 

The features that I get with this very cost effective web hosting are great. I can host an unlimited amount of domains and have all the emails I need for them. This will allow me to run multiple sites with just one simple login. So far I have had very little almost next to no problems at all with this hosting so far! I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a cheap month to month host.

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