Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Old Home Getting A New Paint Job

I think the last time the upstairs of my home was painted was when we first moved into this house, 15 years ago! Finally my landlord is providing us with the paint to do it, although we still have to paint it ourselves. Cheapo! The downstairs has been painted since then, although I do not know the last time it was.

After painting what used to be a baby room that was a light pea colored, getting the hallway and painting the ceilings in those two areas. Everything is starting to look new again. Everything is nice and bright now! I would like to take it as a sign for my future, that everything will be bright and shiny. Thinking positive over this way.I still have to paint the main bedroom and the bathroom upstairs, before I get to tackle the main floor. Which has a huge living room, a dining room , a kitchen, and a master bedroom with a bathroom.

I must admit I am glad that the pea colored baby room is no more. I have been using it as my man cave, and when you have kiddie wall paper and a quote on the wall saying " Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep". It makes it feel less of a man cave, and kind of made me feel less like a man. Now with it being solid white makes for a better atmosphere. Now I have to get some pictures on the wall, they look to bare.

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