Friday, April 1, 2011

Clout Level 5

I haven't been writing much for !Yahoo/AC this month. Not that I have been slacking off but I have been hooked on NBA 2K11 for a little while now. I checked my page views over the past month to see then plummet to around 4-5 page views a day. Not top of the line by any means. Slowly adding to my total of view. My clout level is now at 97% of the way to being clout level 5. It adds no bonus or more per 1000 views. Just the fact of getting it alone is great for me. A sense of achievement for myself. Don't take it the wrong way, I would love to be at level 10 right now, and pulling in a couple thousand views a day. Yet at my writing level and time spent writing, I am not up to par with those types of articles. I guess they are out of my league for the time being.

I keep wanting to write more. I even made a small list of a bunch of things to write, I just haven't got around to doing any of them. My brain will keep pumping them out, I just don't have all the research or know how to complete them all in a fast manner. I wish to get the upfront payment articles, as they pay the most. Well since writing this it has gotten me into the writing mood for the day.

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