Friday, April 22, 2011

Motivation to Improve

When launching 2 websites at the same time. It really helps to motivate you to keep on doing what you are doing. Just seeing 3 members sign up for your website and talking some with them can inspire you to great heights. It makes you feel like you have something worth their time. Which might not mean a lot to some people, but to a web designer it means a lot.

Targeting your audience is a hard thing to do sometimes. Especially if you don't know where to market that niche at. As with my other site. I think I will just keep posting and letting search engines do its own thing. Maybe I will use my Google webmaster tools and help it out some. Seeing if I cant get better indexing in the next week or so.

Indexing into Google is easier with Gangs of War. As a game I already know where to market that site.The key is topsites! I have been doing it on and off for some time now. I am hoping this one kicks off to a better start then the previous two. Though they did not make it. I still have hope that I can make one of them work well for me.

Abandoned PC Games will be a free service site. No charging, though I think after some time I might have to add in advertisements. Depending on how many daily hits it starts to receive over the next month. Hopefully to help with hosting costs. As long as it takes off that is. If it doesn't do well in the first 3 months, I may just have to take it down.

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