Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lexington Kentucky - Spring Is Finally Here

Spring finally seems like it is here...Finally. With !Yahoo reporting the current weather as 65F. The wind doesn't seem as strong as it has been the past few days. The sun is out and shining, that is a plus sign. Not a ton of clouds at the moment. Spring sure seems like it is off to a late start. Does this mean winter will come later this year or will it come early? With all the things going on to the Earth. Natural and human disasters, along with global warming and overpopulation, no wonder "Mother Earth" doesn't know how to act.

Today would be a good day to do some of that spring cleaning. Open the windows and air your house out! Turn off your heating and air conditioners and enjoy the nice breeze! Don't feel like cleaning? Don't worry I am not forcing you, but how about you at least go outside and do something today? Take the kids out to the park or maybe just go for a walk/jog. We had a rough winter with tons of snowy days. So it is time to make up for it.

Hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather as much as I am.

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