Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Top 10 Things I Love About Computers

1. Games
I first played Wolfenstien 3D when I was just a small kid back in 1995. I learned what a computer was that day. I had never really played with one before. All that I had used before that point in time was an Atari and a NES. In due time I found out that most of today's games are developed on computers. With powerful 3D engines that blow the computer from back in 1995 out of the water, Over the years I started to play more and more games on the computer.

2. Internet
Which is what brings me to my next point. I have spent I don't know how many countless hours playing video games over the internet. From First Person Shooters (FPS) like Battlefield 2 and Left for Dead to Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) like Guild Wars and World of Warcraft. These games are playing with people over the internet connecting our computers together in real time. Allowing people like me from the gaming community to play real time with thousands of people all around the world.

3. Programming
I know this one might seem weird to have as something that made me fall in love with them, but its true. Programming is what makes up the computer. Without it the the hardware wouldn't know what to do with all the data. I started to learn some programming and soon learned that there is many different types of programming languages you can learn. I have learned a few over my 6 years of messing around with the programming sides of the internet and programs. I have even taught a friends of mine the basics like simple HTML commands. Anything more then that and they will have to learn themselves like I did, or go to school for it. Or they could even just take a few classes on a certain one and be able to put it to use.

4. Shopping
I never thought I would need to shop on my computer. Until the time when I actually had to do it. I had moved to Germany for my time in the military. I lived there for 10 month then I got deployed to Iraq. I went to the PX and bought a laptop for 700.00 US Dollars. I had the internet in my room. It was very slow but it worked. None the less it was coming time for me to come home for my R&R time. A two week vacation. What a relief! Well I had needed some clothes to wear for when I got home, but since all of my civilian clothes was locked up back in Germany. I turned to the internet. I bought a few shirts, a few pair of paints and a pair of shoes. I decided i can buy some extra underwear and socks once I got back home. My order showed up 2 weeks later. Everything was fine and fit accordingly. Shipped from America all the way to Iraq. I wore the clothes home and had my vacation.

5. Music
What is the best place to get music in today's society? The Internet! Its fast, cost very little money and the best part of all is you don't have to get out of you seat to get it. You remember the big lawsuit some time ago with Napster and The band Metallica. Well against all of their efforts to stop it. It still goes on today. Yes some places do it legit and you pay for the music and the artists get their royalties. You even have the ever so popular youtube. Where you can just about look up any song.

6. Chatting
Chatting is very popular, in fact I do it myself. There are so many different types of chatting platforms out. Most social networking sites have their own type of chatting preferences. Which connect millions of people daily. Its pretty crazy that this day and age its funny when you hear "You don't have a myspace? How can you not have a myspace, everyone has one!". I actually creeps me out a little bit. Yes I know what you thinking, and I do have a myspace, but no you can not have it. The only downside of most chatting is the use of robots. Or known to the chatting communities as "bots". They normally consist of text appearing like someone is chatting but it displays suggestive mature content. Which of the likes, gets on the nerves of most people.

7. The ability to sell anything
People do it everyday. Ebay, Craigslist and other companies of the like, You can sell you old junk to just about anyone. Or you can even wholesale items out of you garage! Its that simple. With great websites like these. I have used them myself to sell off old computer parts. People will buy just about anything if it has some kinda of value still left in it. You can even reach far more people then of yesterdays yard sales. You can reach a guy who sips tea in California with a laptop and wi-fi all while sitting in the basement of you mom's house. Kinda creepy if you think about it. Yet it reaches far more people then sitting outside all day trying to sell it out of your front yard.

8. Knowledge
The internet is full of it. Think back in time of our founding father of the United States of America. They could read one newspaper a day. Attain that knowledge only on the topics chosen of the particular towns writers choice. Today you can type a few words in google and off you go. Low and behold you find yourself in a slew of websites all with some kind of information on the topic that you choose. It would have taken someone from 200+ years ago a lifetime. To attain the amount of knowledge that the internet can give someone in today's world.

8. Pictures
The Mona Lisa and other famous paintings are beauties of this world. Yet I have been on such sites as Flickr and Photobucket and have seen some very nice photos that people from all around the world have taken. Some things that can't even be seen by the naked eye. The way the pictures capture moments in time forever. With the advancement of camera technology people can make vast amounts of money threw freelancing at weddings and other events. Models get paid thousands if not millions of dollars to pose for pictures. Do you think Mona Lisa had money like that in mind when she posed for her portrait?

9. Business
The way that computers have changed the way we do business is amazing. They can track orders, take money, display items, transfer money, and tons more. When you can sell your product without having to pay someone money for their services to sale that item for you. Then that is something that is perfect. Cuts down on all of the cost of having to employee people. Which can drastically reduce you outgoing budget. Along with it being online and not in a single location, that increases sales. So all in all its not a bad idea for an existing business to venture into an online business if not already.

10. Websites
Today they have a website for just about anything you want. With the ever growing demand in this information driver culture of today for websites. More and more are made every single day. In fact you should be reading this from a website if I am not mistaken. I even suggest that you make a website of some kind for yourself. You never know what it will bring. It could bring you a way

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