Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is Blogging For Me Or Not?

So you set you heart out to start a blog. You get it all set up and think of a really cool name for it. Then as you sit down to start, your left in a blank. You think what did I get myself into? What made me want to start a blog? Well I read an article one day that made me think of how money is made. It said that you should not only get paid for the amount of hours you put in. Because nobody really cares about if you put in 40 hours in a week or not. Its set in our head that we can only make money for the time that we are working. But what about the time that we are not working? We spend more time not working then working. So why not come up with a way to make income from not working? That was the smartest thing I had ever heard.

So blogging came to mind. If I can just get people to read my blog, ad some adsense to it and maybe with some SEO. Who knows? In term of advertisement you only get real money when you get clicks, but you still get some small amounts of money for each impression shown. Write well written articles, that people will want to read, and you my friend have impressions. Not the best income in the world, but its a start. I first tried messing around with ads when I was running a small MMORPG game back a year ago. From the amounts of views I was getting and the amount of impressions, I didn't gain much money at all. Yet it got my foot in the door and allowed me to learn some things about ads and how they work.

If you can dedicate some time and some brain cells to a blog then it could be for you. If you can't stand to write then I would say its not for you. You might not even have the slightest clue what to write about and thats totally up to you what you choose. You can only find out by blogging and seeing. Writing comes easy for me, as I am full of information and I love to write.

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