Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Free SEO Tools And Sites For Web Design

I have been making web pages for some time. Some better then others, some with better layouts then others and some being text based games. When I was needing to drive traffic to these sites, the first thing is getting it listed in index's of big search engines.
Its pretty easy all you have to do is submit them. You can search around on the net and find links of how to do it. They will crawl your site and find pages. Sitemaps help when it comes to letting them know what is on your site. You can find a free sitemap generator over at www.xml-sitemaps.com. They scan your site and make one for you that is compliant with google. They also offer it in many formats.

Another thing that will help get your name out on the web is checking to see where you stand in these search engines. That being said SEO is what you need to use. Some sites offer software to help you, some offer free tools which is what most people starting out use. I use www.webmaster-toolkit.com. From what I can tell they don't have a set limit of how many times you can check it so that is a plus.

Alexa is a web information company. They rank websites by amounts of traffic. Once your in this companies directory and they are tracking your stats its good. They show all the linkbacks too. Monitor how high or low you website has grown over time compared to any other website on the net. How neat is that!

One thing if you think that you want to move on to learning something more in depth then just using a program to make blogs, CMS, Wikis, and E-commerce sites. Try making it on your own to fit your needs perfectly. Go over to www.w3schools.com and start learning some programming.

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