Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Interview with A Gamer Playing Left 4 Dead

Today I am sitting down with a friend of mine. Lets call him Shaky for confidential reasons. This guy plays video games with most of his time away from work. There will be times when I am just crawling out of bed only to find him in my room playing some type of game on my desktop. He is an avid gamer. Since I have met him that is pretty much all we sit around and do. He plays a wide genre of games. From FPS to Mmorpgs. 3D and even text based games. So today while he is in his own zone of the gaming world. I am going to be asking him a series of questions.

Lets hope that I don't distract him as to pull him out of his gaming experience.

Starz asks Shaky: So what game are you playing today? Shaky replies with "Left 4 Dead".

Starz: What type of game is this?
Shaky: First Player Shooter.

Starz: So what exactly is a first person shooter?
Shaky: Pretty much, busting head shots threw a crosshair.

Starz: So that seems like it can be challenging at times.
Shaky: Oh yea. Its pure skill

Starz: Whats the purpose in this game?
Shaky: Its a zombie survival game.

Starz: Are you playing with other people?
Shaky: Yes I am, I am playing with three other players online.

Starz: So do you like the fact that you can play with real people opposed to as just playing with artificial intelligence?
Shaky: Oh yea, always.

Starz: Why is that?
Shaky: Real people actually use skill. Realistic teamwork.

Starz: I see you just died what happens now?
Shaky: Well my team is getting destroyed now. So I have to wait for a respawn.

Starz: What do you find most interesting about games?
Shaky: That is actually difficult to answer. I like the physics, the action and the gaming community.

Starz: Does the graphic make or take a game? If so why?
Shaky: Yes definitely. Because you would want to see the environment that you are operating in with the best view possible. It puts you in the game with 3d objects.

Starz: What would you say the main reason is that you video games?
Shaky: Entertainment and its challenging.

Starz: So if someone challenges you to a video game. Would you accept the offer?
Shaky: I am always up for challenges. That is one of the main reasons why I play FPS is because the majority of them offer multiplayer functions.

Starz: Well Shaky thank you for your time and answers to my questions. I will let you get back to your gaming.
Shaky: thanks

With that being said. It makes me want to play a video game right now. He is playing with some younger woman, her brother and some other random guy from who knows where. They have never met and odds are that they never will. Yet that is half of the fun of them. They connect us threw common interests. A zombie survival game might not sound fun to all people, but for video gamers like myself and many others, its a godsend. There is not many like it out on the market today. There are many other First Person Shooters available. Yet this game is in a league of its own for now.

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