Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gmail Not Working Or Down

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I went to check my Gmail today, hoping they have approved my adsense account. I go to try to access the home page for Gmail, yet it will not load. I don't know if other users of Gmail are having the same problem, but I have tried it on 2 computers and nether one of them work. It happened around 6 A.M my loacal time.

This isnt good for Google. I have noticed over the past few months certain things not working correctly. Yet they are minor and normally fix them pretty soon. Maybe I should send a support ticket or something to them?

It seems to be working fine with Chrome, but as soon as I try to use it with Mozilla it fails to work and I did not change anything on my browser settings, as a matter of fact i was using Gmail and then when I went to load a email it quit working and just hung there...

So is Google making it to where you can only use their browser with Gmail? I hope not, that would be very bad for them.

Is anyone else having this problem?

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